Digital Narrative Games Phase 5:

Final Reflection:

The impostor syndrome game has been modified several times since the first draft. When we first started, we made the mistake of making our character coming from a different culture than our own, so we made her a Black American woman, and so when we modified it based on the feedback we got, players felt that the game was more relatable to their life.

Also, after getting feedback from our friends in the class, we decided to have two stories and not only one as it would give more insight to the different reasons a person could have impostor syndrome. So, we had a female and a male character, because even though females are the ones who more often experience this syndrome, this does not mean that men do not face it as well.

For the final draft, we took by the advice Dr Maha gave us. We added more scenarios on the difficulties and the problems the character has faced that led her to have impostor syndrome, and we also improved the color contrast of the game to make it more visually appealing. We also took the advice of our friends by making a last slide explaining the aim of this game.

I learned a lot while making this game. For the technical part, I learned how to create a game and how to use google slides in a very new way for me. The first thing that kept coming to my mind every time we were working on it is to always have empathy for others and for me. To take it easy and be aware of our success and my abilities. Talking to our friend who has experienced the syndrome, reading about it online, and honestly self-reflecting as well made us understand the topic and realize how if it is left unchecked could make people’s lives difficult and miserable.

References to information on the topic:

Link to the final draft:

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